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New Products For June

  • DEKS OLJE D1 Saturator silken finish - 1 litre
    Price:  £30.10
    DEKS OLJE D1 is a powerful penetrating oil for wood making wood completely waterproof and fabulous looking at the same time. The First Choice of Boat & Yacht Owners All Over The World. It is also a great solu...
  • DEKS OLJE D2 High gloss finish - 1 litre
    Price:  £35.45
    DEKS OLJE D2 - high gloss finish. The First Choice of Boat & Yacht Owners All Over The World... It is also a great solution for garden furniture, windows, doors etc. The products comes in 2 versions, Deks O...
  • Pure bristle Paintbrush 1" - single
    Price:  £1.00
    Good value paint brushes ideal for adhesives and GRP laminating, for boatbuilding & repairs. Great value either singly or for a box of 12, allowing you to dispose of brushes if cleaning them is impractical. ...
  • Hempel Classic varnish 375ml
    Price:  £14.95
    Classic Yacht Varnish from Hempel. A single component traditional varnish produced from the highest quality materials, including tung oil. Use inside and outside above the waterline. Excellent flow at applicat...
  • Hempel Diamond Varnish  2 pot polyurethane 750ml
    Price:  £38.99
    HEMPEL'S DIAMOND VARNISH is a clear non-yellowing two-component polyurethane varnish. It gives a hard, durable, glossy long-lasting finish. Good resistance to weathering, abrasion and chemicals. For us...
  • Underwater primer 2.5L Grey
    Price:  £51.95
    Underwater Primer from Hempel for use on all substrates below the waterline. Features: Excellent waterproofing properties for use on all substrates below the waterline Underwater Primer can be used as an ...