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    Warm and breathable ladies thermal long-john trousers from Thaw. This is part of the Polypropylene base layer range.

    100% Polypropylene:
    Warm - the low density of polypropylene fibre produces light structures with a high natural loft which trap a layer of air next to the skin. Polypropylene's low thermal conductivity keeps the trapped layer at a constant temperature.

    Dry - a layer of polypropylene placed between the skin and absorbic fabric will remove perspiration quickly and naturally, leaving the skin dry and free from body odour, whilst maintaining a comfortable balance of heat and relative humidity.

    Easy - care polypropylene can be machine washed without causing any shrinkage, felting or hardening. Its lightness and ressistance to water enables it to dry quickly.

    Hygienic - polypropylene is non allergic, does not permit bacterial growth and is odour free.

    Colour: White.

    Sizing: S (UK size 8-10); M (UK size 12-14); L (UK size 16-18)

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    Thaw: Adult - Polypropylene ladies long john - thermals

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