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    Compass, a fast-drying, highly durable one-part polyurethane gloss varnish, allows you to reduce your work time and labour efficiency, without compromising on aesthetics or protection.

    Apply two coats per day (the fast-dry formulation minimises dust contamination) and sand only after every 2nd or 3rd coat. Super flow and application characteristics ensure a professional, long-lasting finish that will deliver maximum resistance to abrasion, chemical, water and alcohol spills.

    Compass is ‘light amber’ in colour, to emphasise the colour and appearance of natural wood. Contains HALS and UV absorbers for superior UV resistance.

    • Area: above the waterline
    • Finish / sheen: high gloss
    • Thinners: Thinners no1 or white spirit
    • Number of Coats: Previously varnished wood: mimimum 3 full coats.

    Size: 750ml

    Delivery: we can only send varnish to mainland United Kingdom. Northern Ireland will require an extra postage charge.

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    International: Compass varnish (polyurethane) - 750ml

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