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    Want to keep your garments performing like new? Maybe over time, your jacket has lost its durable water repellent (DWR) treatment but Granger-s range of re-proofing products can restore it to its original condition. Unlike other products, Granger-s re-proofing range uses the same technology as major garment manufacturers to restore comfort, breathability and performance. With Granger’s products, your garments work like new - or as we like to say, -Original performance restored-.

    The XT Proofer (trigger spray) from Grangers can be used with or without the tumble dryer. For clothing clean first with Grangers 30°C Cleaner then spray and tumble dry to improve water-repellency. Or for those items where it is not practical to put in a tumble dryer, simply spray and allow the item to drip dry. Ideal for any clothing with wicking linings such as soft shells, insulated garments and sleeping bags.

    • Air dry performable, restores proofing without tumble drying
    • Ideal for garments with insulated, wicking linings
    • Recommended for Gore-Tex® and all waterproof clothing

    Size: 275ml

    View the Grangers leaflet on Cleaning, proofing and restoring your gear - click here.

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    Grangers: XT Proofer - trigger spray

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