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Ormiston wire: Stainless steel wire (flexible 7x19) 3mm


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Colour Size Price
No end style1 meter£2.85
No end style2 meters£5.60
No end style3 meters£8.35
No end style4 meters£11.10
No end style5 meters£13.85
No end style6 meters£16.60
No end style7 meters£19.35
No end style8 meters£22.10
No end style9 meters£24.85
No end style10 meters£27.60
No end style11 meters£30.35
No end style12 meters£33.10
Hard eye - soft eye1 meter£13.85
Hard eye - soft eye2 meters£16.60
Hard eye - soft eye3 meters£19.35
Hard eye - soft eye4 meters£22.10
Hard eye - soft eye5 meters£24.85
Hard eye - soft eye6 meters£27.60
Hard eye - soft eye7 meters£30.35
Hard eye - soft eye8 meters£33.10
Hard eye - soft eye9 meters£35.85
Hard eye - soft eye10 meters£38.60
Hard eye - soft eye11 meters£41.35
Hard eye - soft eye12 meters£44.10
Hard eye - hard eye1 meter£14.85
Hard eye - hard eye2 meters£17.60
Hard eye - hard eye3 meters£20.35
Hard eye - hard eye4 meters£23.10
Hard eye - hard eye5 meters£25.85
Hard eye - hard eye6 meters£28.60
Hard eye - hard eye7 meters£31.35
Hard eye - hard eye8 meters£34.10
Hard eye - hard eye9 meters£36.85
Hard eye - hard eye10 meters£39.60
Hard eye - hard eye11 meters£42.35
Hard eye - hard eye12 meters£45.10


Stainless Steel wire rope from Ormiston. Flexible (1x19 strand) 3mm.

Selecting an end style
More detail below, (select from the first pick list).
  • Hard eye: loop is reinforced with a stainless steel thimble and connected with copper ferrule
  • Soft eye: loop connected with copper ferrule

How to select Length:
Select to the nearest meter (rounded up) from the pick list. Then once you have added this product to your basket, you will be able to tell us the exact length in the comments area. For conversion 1 ft = 30.5cm. If choosing a soft eye, you will also need to tell us the loop length.

Please double check the lengths you require before selecting. We will try our best to ensure accuracy of length, but do allow a flexibility of about 1cm. Because this item is made to specification it is non refundable.