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    Want to keep your old jacket performing like new? Over time, your jacket loses its durable water repellent (DWR) treatment but Granger's range of re-proofing products can restore it to its original condition. Unlike other products, Granger's re-proofing range uses the same technology as major garment manufacturers to restore comfort, breathability and performance. With Granger's products, your garments work like new - or as we like to say, 'Original performance restored'.

    The 30°C 2in1 Cleaner / Proofer from Grangers lasts us to 10 washes. Specially formulated to clean and reproof all outdoor gear in one wash cycle. Powerful cleaning combined with durable water repellency enhances the performance of all fabrics. Saves time, energy and water. All waterproof apparel should be tumble dried after washing to maximise water repellency. 60ml size for one wash cycle.

    • Unique Granger's product
    • Energy saving-uses only one wash cycle
    • Recommended for Gore-tex® eVent and all waterproof breathable clothing
    • Lasts up to 10 washes

    Size: 60ml

    View the Grangers leaflet on Cleaning, proofing and restoring your gear - click here.

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    Grangers: 2in1 Cleaner / Proofer - 60ml

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