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  • DEKS OLJE D1 Saturator silken finish - 1 litre
    Price:  £30.10
    DEKS OLJE D1 is a powerful penetrating oil for wood making wood completely waterproof and fabulous looking at the same time. The First Choice of Boat & Yacht Owners All Over The World. It is also a great solu...
  • DEKS OLJE D2 High gloss finish - 1 litre
    Price:  £35.45
    DEKS OLJE D2 - high gloss finish. The First Choice of Boat & Yacht Owners All Over The World... It is also a great solution for garden furniture, windows, doors etc. The products comes in 2 versions, Deks O...
  • Kite repair tape 150mm x 2m
    Price:  £11.99
    This wide Kite repair tape is produced by PSP Admiral marine tapes. This self-adhesive ripstop nylon tape is ideal for emergency kite and spinnaker repairs. It is perfect for the sailor or kitesurfer, who no...
  • Renew Rubbing Liquid
    Price:  £14.95
    Hempel Renew Rubbing Liquid is a fine abrasive rubbing compound. Restores and renews the gloss and colour to gelcoat and painted surfaces. For removal of light scratches, stains, oxidation and other irregular...
  • Y10 - Fiberglass Stain Remover
    Price:  £11.50
    Y10 Fiberglass Stain Remover - rapidly "absorbs" yellow/brown waterline and transom stains on white or light-coloured fibreglass boats. Will not damage gelcoat. Brush on a thin coating, then wait a few mi...
  • Sailmakers Palm - Right-handed
    Price:  £9.80
    Traditional Sailmakers Palm. Leather. Colours may vary. To purchase add to basket. ...