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Blue Gee Microfibres 250ml

Bonding Additive (Microfibres) 250ml from UK manufacturer Blue Gee.

Makes a strong glue when added to Blue Gee Epoxy resins…

Blue Gee
Gelcoat filler

Gelcoat filler repairs holes and scratches on glass fibre and enamel. Sets in 10 minutes.

Gelcoat filler can be used…

Plastic padding
Marine Epoxy filler

Epoxy filler for use on metal, glass fibre, wood etc. Fast setting and easy to sand.

Plastic Padding Marine Epoxy…

Plastic padding
SP Microballoons

Filler powders can be used in conjunction with epoxy resins to create filling compounds and adhesives.

SP Microballoons…

SP systems
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