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Hawk bailer grid for Elvstrom/ Andersen bailers

Hawk Bailer grid - Nylon grid designed to prevent ropes being sucked into the self bailer when underway.

For Elvstrom /…

HAWK Marine
New Large self-bailer

Andersen's new large self bailer - the largest model for outside mounting.

The World famous Anderson self bailer is fitted as…

Andersen self bailers
Scoop bailer

Marine Plastic Scoop Bailer
These plastic bailers are ideal to keep and use on small boats and dinghies for removing water…

Service kit (Andersen) - new large internal seal only

Andersen new large internal seal only.

Includes: 1 x internal rubber gasket 5mm

Andersen self bailers
Service kit (Andersen) - super medium

Andersen super medium service kit.

Includes: 1 x internal rubber gasket 5mm 1 x external rubber gasket 2mm 1 x external rubber gasket 1mm 6…

Andersen self bailers
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