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Designed for a range of watersports, the ALTO is a lightweight, compact, inflatable flotation device worn around the waist. Simple, discrete easy to use emergency inflation. Manually operated, the inflatable tube is released from the waist pack and then supports the user under the arms and around the chest. ALTO offers users such as SUP, fishermen and boaters, a simple and easy to use inflatable pack that feels invisible when worn.

  • Large 75N of emergency buoyancy
  • Compact and lightweight adjustable waist belt for a simple, close fit
  • Can be worn on front or back
  • Manually activated
  • For adults over 40kg
  • DW-RAK/75 re-arming kit available separately

  • NB NOT classed as a lifejacket
  • For Swimmers only
  • In Sheltered waters with help at hand
  • Requires secondary donning when in the water
  • Not suitable for children or non-swimmers

Colours: Atoll Blue, Citrus Yellow

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For re-arming pack please see Re-arming pack for Spinlock Alto.

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